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      時間:2019-9-6 14:29:53 作者:雅信博文翻譯

      我公司為第15屆省運動會提供翻譯 - 體育強則中國強,國運興則體育興!


      If sports are strong,Chinawould be strong. If the country is revitalized, sports would be prosperous!

      Sports have always been an important symbol of social development and human progress. It is an important embodiment of comprehensive national strength and social civilization level. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the Central Committee of CPC with President Xi Jinping as its core has attached great importance to the sports work.


      On September 8, 2018, the 15th Games of Hebei Province was held in Yutong International Sports Center, Shijiazhuang with the theme of "Fitness for all, realizing dreams with passion". This sports meeting is a concentrated presentation of mass sports development achievements and the cultivation achievements of youths’ competitive sports reserve strength in Hebei Province in the recent four years. This sports event, which gathers nearly 20,000 athletes and 64,000 sports amateurs to participate, has become the largest, far-reaching-influence, large-scale and comprehensive sports event organized in Hebei Province.


      Hebei provincial Party committee and provincial government have attached an unprecedented importance to this sports meeting. The standing committee of the provincial Party committee heard the special report of Hebei Provincial Bureau of Sports on the preparation of provincial games. Wang Dongfeng, Secretary of provincial Party committee, made important instructions and clearly put forward "to hold a frugal, safe, green and wonderful sports meeting". Xu Qin, Governor of Hebei provincial government, gave clear instructions and proposed specific requirements for the modification of games emblem, anthem, mascot and other designs. Xu Jianpei, Vice Governor, visited the competition venues and inspected the organization and preparation of the games for multiple times.

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